Do you find yourself amidst spiritual awakening and need support to navigate and integrate the changes? Is your wish to live your life in bliss and harmony with this existence? Do you want to deepen your spiritual practices and re-discover the mystery of being human? Are you seeking a community of like-minded souls on the Path of the Sacred Feminine? Then this might be your place…


Exploring the depth of consciousness & living from the heart…

Hi, Sundari Ma here, yogini, yoga & meditation teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and lover of life. I’m in service of the unapologetic beauty of a living tradition and tantric path as taught by Igor Kufayev. I’m here to share my knowledge, experience and devotional approach with you. Get in touch and explore an integral spirituality for our time that aims at reconnecting you with the bliss of your own Self.

In 2015, during my first encounter with Igor, I was initiated into the path of the spontaneous realization of our divine essence—the path of the Siddhas—which leads us to the innate perfection of our being. The Path of the Heart. Whilst going through a rapid and powerful process of Kundalini awakening and through my spiritual training under the guidance of my teacher, I expanded my knowledge on the art of integrating higher states of consciousness into the neurophysiology of the body. Over these past two decades, I studied the ancient, holistic healing Sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology to support others in their transformative, often challenging journey. 

With Igor’s guidance, I’ve been offering his transformative teachings in my mother tongue in German language since January 2021. The core of these teachings exemplifies the non-intellectual and direct cognition of the essence of one’s reality, intuited in the Heart of one’s being and is often rendered through the sublime philosophy of Kashmir Shaiva Tantra. Through in-depth online courses, personally tailored one-on-one sessions and meditation gatherings you can study and benefit from this all-encompassing work. 

Don’t forget love; it will bring all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across the universe…

~ Mirabai

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Spiritual teaching emerges in response to the need of our time and the challenges we collectively face. In our time of social media entertainment, it is easy to get lost in the jungle of superficial attempts that promise quick fixes. Yet a living tradition and an integral spiritual path can offer us guidance and open us to the wonder of being alive. This understanding gives the tantric path its great value and validity for our life today, as it emphasises the all-embracing aspect which reconciles our attitude to life and this embodiment. Imagine the possibility of directly recognizing your essential nature within your heart and the world as the reflection of your own Self. Who wouldn’t want to be able to face life’s challenges with the strength and trust that come from the certainty of the divine power behind this very life? 

The tantric path is the householder path. Here, we find answers not through detachment and denial but through complete and intimate engagement with all of life, which makes Tantra profoundly relevant as an answer to the crisis we are faced with as humankind.


“…No tradition is ever based upon scriptural references; tradition is only alive in the Heart of you and me as we go through this process now. It is not in some lost scriptures of Tantra. It is the Goddess who never rests — She is always alive. Where is the field of action where She sows Her seeds now? It is not in the scholarly references to the ancient past; this only creates confusion and people relying on a validated framework where they can structure their sadhana. One must leave the door open for the possibility… tradition lives through the Hearts of those who are transformed. This is what Tantra is…”

Igor Kufayev


Let's Connect, Explore & Share the Joy!

SADHANA OF JOY: Neuer Online Kurs!

21 Tage: Selbsterforschung & Praxis tantrischer Sadhana

Ein Kurs, der deine Praxis neu entfacht und in dem du Meditation lieben lernst als den Raum und die Beziehung zu deinem eigenen Selbst als glückseliges Bewusstsein.

Zeit: 04.02. / 11.02. / 18.02. 2022, 17:30-20 Uhr
Kosten: 108 Euro

RASAYANA SHAKTI: Workshop für Frauen

Rasa ist ein Sanskrit Wort und heißt soviel wie “Der Nektar des Entzückens.” Rasayana bedeutet “Weg der Essenz” und beschreibt im Ayurveda Methoden, den Körper und Geist zu stärken und verjüngen. Dieser Workshop ist eine Anrufung und Erforschung der nährenden, verjüngenden, wonnevollen und lebensspendenden Energien der Göttin Lakshmi als eine der Facetten unseres eigenen Bewusstseins. Mit inspirierendem Talk, Meditation, Selbsterfoschung, ayurvedischem Wissen & Rezepten, und anschließendem Austausch und Ritual im Kreis von Yoginis.  

Zeit: 25. Februar, 16:30-19 Uhr
Kosten: 35 Euro

“Sundari initiated me into meditation and gave me access to start and explore the infinite flavors of the Goddess. Her radiance and service is in fact a doorway to dive deeper into the longing of my own heart. Thanks to Sundari Ma I’m gradually approaching the work of her Teacher, Igor Vamadeva Kufayev. It is through her conscious, loving guidance that I learn to further relax into meditation, and to let come to the surface what needs to be seen, held, healed, dissolved.”

– MELANIE KLETT, Yogalehrerin

“Die Kurse von Sundari Ma sind beglückend. Sie vermitteln Igor Kufayevs Lehre voller Klarheit in deutscher Sprache. Und da Sundari Ma die seltene Gabe hat, ihre Worte direkt ins Herz der Zuhörer fallen zu lassen, ist diese Vermittlung unmittelbar transformierend und beseligend.”

– YLLARA MÜSCH, Vedische Astrologin

“Wie ist mir? Ich habe eine sehr schnelle und direkte Veränderung in der Tiefe erfahren. Mein Vertrauen ist gewachsen, und erschütternde Ehrfurcht hat mich erfasst vor unserer Erde, die Leben und Erleben ermöglicht. Ein neuer Blickpunkt hat mir durch die Hingabe diese Wahrheit enthüllt. Hingabe, die ich ja zum Beispiel in meinem Beruf seit Jahrzehnten übe, ist im spirituellen Sinn für mich konkreter und verbindlicher geworden.” 

– BORIS K., Schauspieler

Seek Beauty and you will find God…

-Igor Kufayev