The art of weaving the essence of our spiritual practice into our day-to-day lives allows us to live in harmony with the universal principles…

~ Sundari Ma

Welcome to this online sanctuary – my new website!

I’m Sundari Ma, yogini, teacher of Yoga & Meditation, Ayurvedic practitioner and lover of life with two decades of experience in teaching and inspiring others on the path. Here you find teachings and practices that create wellbeing and harmony in your body and mind, and that allow your heart to heal and vibrate in joy!

I’m walking the timeless path of beauty and bliss where the highest spiritual teachings are being brought into and made applicable in our day-to-day lives. As a disciple of Advaita Tantra teacher Igor Kufayev since 2015, I have been trained and am being trained to facilitate his transformative teachings. His work and universal Path of the Heart have transformed my life as I knew it and opened me to the fullness of being. This path is rooted in the Non-dual Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism and exemplifies the non-intellectual and direct cognition of the essence of one’s reality, intuited in the Heart of one’s being. It is open to all seekers, from all traditions and all walks of life, and I feel blessed that my teacher guides me in offering these teachings in my mother tongue in German language.

May these teachings benefit and inspire your yogic journey of awakening ~ the realization of your innermost potential and the beauty of being alive! 

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Opening to Bliss & Radical Healing

Yoga means union. It is the science of inner alchemy – of bringing together the Sun and the Moon at the heart of being. It is the timeless call to re-claim our true nature by turning within and surrendering to Grace. At this time of major transition and collective upheaval, we are called to re-discover ways of how to live in harmony with ourselves and all of nature. Meditation can open these “doorways” that lead us into deep relaxation and the state of transcendence from where healing and renewal can be brought into all areas of our life. It can assist us to rewire the brain, heal our hearts, balance our minds and bodies, unleash our creative potential and most importantly, uncover our inherent blissful essence and enter the state of awe…  


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Gentle Flow & Meditation

Thursdays, 5:30-7 pm

A weekly yoga & meditation class to dive into the beauty of yogic asana, breathwork, poetry, meditation and relaxation and return rejuvenated and ready to surf the waves of life.

Flowing Wakefulness Meditation Gathering

April 16, 6:30-8:30 pm

Meditation & talk during the sacred days of Navaratri, the festival in honor of Mother Divine, as a gift to the community. Open to all, newcomers and advanced meditators alike!

When I first met Sundari Ma in 2013, five days after a crazy car accident and five days before traveling to India, I was immediately touched by something that would no more stop to knock at my door… Sundari became my yoga teacher, she initiated me into meditation and gave me access to start and explore the infinite flavors of the Goddess. Her radiance and service is in fact a doorway to dive deeper into the longing of my own heart. Thanks to Sundari Ma I’m gradually approaching the work of her Teacher, Igor Vamadeva Kufayev. It is through her conscious, loving guidance that I learn to further relax into meditation, and to let come to the surface what needs to be seen, held, healed, dissolved… more and more in its natural pace and rhythm, less and less according to the subtle control center of my mind. Sundari’s light – which is both visible and tangible – is a sweet reminder for my body as a whole to open up for experiencing itself as it is – in its full momentary juice, in every possible feeling, in the underlying peace behind, and within.

~ Melanie Klett


Sharings, Poetry, Inspiration & More

Seek Beauty and you will find God…

-Igor Kufayev