Don’t forget love; it will bring all the madness you need to unfurl yourself across the universe…

~ Mirabai

Welcome to this sanctuary – my new website!

I’m Sundari Ma, yogini, yoga & meditation teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner and lover of life. I’m here to share the wealth and unapologetic beauty of a living tradition and the tantric path as taught by Igor Kufayev with those who long to spread their wings and fly.

In 2015, during my first encounter with Igor Kufayev, I was initiated into the path of the spontaneous realization of our divine essence—the path of the Siddhas—which leads us to the innate perfection of our being. The Path of the Heart. Whilst going through a rapid and powerful process of Kundalini awakening and through my spiritual training under the guidance of Igor, I was able to expand my knowledge on the art of integrating higher states of consciousness into the neurophysiology of the body. The ancient, holistic healing Sciences of Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology are the modalities that I learned to utilize over the years to support others in their transformative, often challenging journey. 

Under Igor’s ongoing guidance, I’ve been offering his transformative teachings in my mother tongue in German language since January 2021. This path exemplifies the non-intellectual and direct cognition of the essence of one’s reality, intuited in the Heart of one’s being and is often rendered through the sublime philosophy of Kashmir Shaiva Tantra. Through in-depth online courses, personally tailored one-on-one sessions and regular meditation gatherings I open the doorway to the depth and subtlety of this work.

Are you longing to awaken, realize and fully embody your innermost potential, to bring heaven to earth and live from the fullness of Being? Then let’s get started…

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In Igor Kufayev’s words, spiritual teaching emerges in response to the need of our time and the challenges we collectively face. We need a potent teaching and a living tradition that actually delivers what it promises, a spiritual path that opens us to the wonder of being alive. This understanding gives this tantric path its great value and validity for our life today, as it emphasises the all-embracing aspect which reconciles our attitude to life and this embodiment. Imagine the possibility of directly recognizing your essential nature within your heart and the world surrounding you. Who wouldn’t want to be able to face life’s challenges with the strength and trust that come from the certainty of the divine power behind the breath of life? 

The tantric path is the householder path. Here, we find answers not through detachment and denial but through complete and intimate engagement with all of life, which positions Tantra into being – dare we say – more relevant as the answer to the crisis we are faced with as humankind.


So, what is this path? What is this teaching? And what is its aim?

It is said that all yogic and tantric teachings were revealed. They didn’t come from a person, they were birthed from the Heart of Shiva, the womb of Shakti. These teachings are timeless. They vibrate with the frequency of the Self as Consciousness-Being-Bliss. They are the light that removes the veil of ignorance and misperception. A specific teaching is always in relation to the heart of the one who brings forth a teaching. It is the mirror of where the heart is anchored. The same teaching given to you by a different person will not be the same teaching, simply because it is not merely about the words. It is about the place from where these words are spoken from, it is about the level of consciousness that someone embodies. The teacher, who abides in and as Unity is the embodied, uninterrupted, unperturbed stream of Awareness itSelf. When his Grace finds a pathway to touch you, the dormant potential that you hold in the depth of your being, like a seed, begins to unfold beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations. It is shaken out of a slumber. You begin to unravel your birthright of living in Bliss and happiness for no reason, attuned to the harmony of this creation which can only be birthed through your tender human heart.

In this work, initiation or the transmission of spiritual energy is the key to unravel the mystery of being alive in this human body. When we receive shaktipat from an adept, the dormant consciousness at the base of this existence begins to awaken – we embark upon the Path of Grace. If you are new to this path, a one-on-one session is a great starting point to receive a personally tailored introduction. May you experience the Grace and Beauty of this transformative work first-hand and re-claim your true nature!

“…No tradition is ever based upon scriptural references; tradition is only alive in the Heart of you and me as we go through this process now. It is not in some lost scriptures of Tantra. It is the Goddess who never rests — She is always alive. Where is the field of action where She sows Her seeds now? It is not in the scholarly references to the ancient past; this only creates confusion and people relying on a validated framework where they can structure their sadhana. One must leave the door open for the possibility… tradition lives through the Hearts of those who are transformed. This is what Tantra is…”

Igor Kufayev


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NEW! Flowing Wakefulness Online Kurs, Okt-Nov 2021

Was bedeutet Erwachens jenseits von Mythos und Konzepten? Wer erwacht und zu was? Wo findet der Prozess statt? Was geschieht mit Körper und Geist? Was passiert mit Individualität? Kann ein wahres Erwachen integriert werden und sind wir in der Lage, unsere Beziehung zu uns selbst und der Welt als Ganzes fortzuführen?

Price: 245 /195 Euro

Gentle Flow Yoga & Meditation

Thursdays, 5:30-7 pm

A weekly yoga & meditation class to explore the beauty of yogic asana, breath-work, meditation and relaxation and return rejuvenated and ready to surf the waves of life.

“… In meditation, the limited sense of self is poured into the Self…”

– Igor Kufayev


Meditation Community Gathering

Sept, 17th, 6:30-8:30pm

Join us for an inspiring evening of timeless teachings as taught by Igor Kufayev, mantra, guided meditation, sharings with companions on the Path and lively interactions. German language.

On donation basis!

Living the Fullness of Life: Vortrag & Meditation

September, 24th, 6:30-8pm

In this evening online lecture, you will hear about the aim of all spiritual practice and the potential of life in a human body from the perspective of Tantra and Ayurveda.

On donation basis!


When I first met Sundari Ma in 2013, five days after a crazy car accident and five days before traveling to India, I was immediately touched by something that would no more stop to knock at my door… Sundari became my yoga teacher, she initiated me into meditation and gave me access to start and explore the infinite flavors of the Goddess. Her radiance and service is in fact a doorway to dive deeper into the longing of my own heart. Thanks to Sundari Ma I’m gradually approaching the work of her Teacher, Igor Vamadeva Kufayev. It is through her conscious, loving guidance that I learn to further relax into meditation, and to let come to the surface what needs to be seen, held, healed, dissolved… more and more in its natural pace and rhythm, less and less according to the subtle control center of my mind. Sundari’s light – which is both visible and tangible – is a sweet reminder for my body as a whole to open up for experiencing itself as it is – in its full momentary juice, in every possible feeling, in the underlying peace behind, and within.

~ Melanie Klett


Inspiration, Sharings & More

Seek Beauty and you will find God…

-Igor Kufayev