The true spiritual teaching is about living this Truth, embodying it, sharing it, and resonating with it – through all our pores – through all our relationships, through all our interactions…

~ Igor Kufayev

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Are you interested in connecting with a spiritual path for our time and transformative teachings that offer a proper philosophical understanding and support your journey of awakening? 

All of our Flowing Wakefulness courses are based on the integral tantric path as taught by Igor Kufayev. The intention of these offerings is to make the depth and beauty of this Teaching of the Self available in German language. This path is rooted in the Non-dual Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism and exemplifies the non-intellectual and direct cognition of the essence of one’s reality, intuited in the Heart of one’s being.

The courses focus on different aspects of this work that has the power to radically transform our perspective on life. Participants come into contact with the energy of grace inherent in this work and embrace practices of meditation, mantra, self-inquiry and contemplation in an inspiring group setting. This path manifests heaven on earth, and it needs to be enlivened within our own hearts.

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Flowing Wakefulness Online Courses

NEW! Vibrant Self

START: October 1st, 2021 | Online | German

What is awakening beyond myths and concepts? Who awakens and to what? This course is an invitation to explore what awakening really means, and to view sacred human potential in light of greater understanding of how our own physiology holds the key to that mysterious process, and what it means to be in a relationship with the World as vibrating reality of one’s own Self.  Whatever one can find in the outer Universe, one can find in this very body.

Luminous & Self-Aware

Next course dates to be announced soon | Online | German

This is an invitation to go beyond the archetypal Tantric imagery of Shiva/Shakti as masculine and feminine principles, to delve deeper into the dynamic core of your Being as the Light of your own Awareness. The vision which, in contrast with other systems based on Advaita Vedanta, sees this manifested reality of forms and phenomena not as an illusion but as a reflection of the Supreme Self. Not only that reflection is real but without it there is no self-awareness. 

Devotion - Language of the Heart

Next course dates to be announced soon | Online | German

In all mystical traditions, devotion is viewed as the power that leads us to the feet of the Divine. In Vedic scriptures, devotion is described as a unique quality of feeling. Tantric texts tell us that the power we call Shakti (power of consciousness) in the world, is Bhakti (devotion) in the human heart. But what actually is devotion? What role does it play in the process of awakening? How can we tap into this energy, how can we cultivate it? And why is devotion so easily misunderstood in Western spirituality?

Individual Sessions also Available

The process of awakening can be delicate and challenging at times