DUST & GRACE: Stretching the Bow


1-on-1 Session with Sundari Ma (1 hour)

Dust & Grace is a special offer for friends on the path who are interested in deepening their spiritual journey into the heart. In the safe space of this session, you are are invited to be as you are and bring all the topics of life to the table that feel relevant to you so that they can be explored together. You’ll hear about ancient teachings of Oneness that couldn’t be more timely today, as they remind us to rise to who we are and live our lives fully and in harmony with all of creation.

If you are new to meditation and interested in kickstarting your practice, you’ll be initiated into a practice. If you are a longtime meditator, you’ll receive guidance regarding any challenges or questions that may have emerged for you. The unfolding of the session is spontaneous and always different.

…in the Archer’s hands, she allowed her bow to bend with gladness…