1-on-1 Session with Sundari Ma
German / English

“The true practice of meditation is to sit as if you were drinking water when you are thirsty.”


In these sessions, you will be introduced to the practice of tantric meditation. Meditation can be viewed as a sacred space, where your relationship with the divine power unfolds. The ultimate goal of meditation is to experience the full emergence of your own pure Consciousness, the inner state of luminosity, love and wisdom that the Indian tradition calls the “Self” or the “Heart.” By definition, a successful meditation is one in which we enter the Self—even if just for a moment. Through each session, you will cultivate a deeper connection with the power of consciousness that the tantric tradition calls Shakti. It is through the awakening of this dormant power that true liberation—knowing ourselves as one with the Absolute—becomes possible. Equipped with an enlivened meditation methodology and dedicated to a daily practice, your perception of who you are begins to shift, liberating you from stress and opening you to the Oneness at the heart of this existence.

You will be guided into meditation during this time together and will receive an audio recording for your practice at home.

Single Session (1,5 hour)

Cost: 200 €