GOING BENEATH THE EXPERIENCE: Emotional Transformation


1-on-1 Session with Sundari Ma
German / English

What do you do when you feel stuck, or faced with limitations and challenges? What do you do when one thing in your life has ended, but the next thing has yet to completely fall into place? It’s a potent, very powerful, and sometimes terrifying, place to be in life…

You may want to go back to the security and comfort of how things were. But you may have an instinct that a new chapter is awaiting you.

The truth is that every wall can become a springboard, every limitation the fire-pit for transformation, every edge the possibility for a breakthrough. The entrance is always right where you are.

Based on core principles of yoga and tantra, you will learn how to work with emotions and connect with the underlying archetypal energy that is hidden within them. You’ll discover how some of these deep obstructive energies can be released to offer their power for your transformation and growth.