MA – THE SPACE OF PURE POTENTIAL: Immersion mit Sundari Ma (14. April)



1-tägige Immersion mit Sundari Ma (in deutscher Sprache)
Sonntag, 14. April, 10-18 Uhr


Between each thought and each breaths, there is a gap. Between all things is space. From here, language and vision emerge when the time is ripe. Without cherishing these silent gaps and dissolving in them, no growth is possible. What the path (as the Goddess) teaches us, is to have one foot in the Unknown, in the void of the Heart — always. This void is pure molten potentiality, the freshness of freedom and the vibrancy of life that has yet to take shape.

This space in-between has many names, although it is beyond names. It is called “Ma” in Japanese culture, which is very beautiful, because Ma is the womb of life. In the Shakta traditions of Tantra, this space is the body of pure love. It is the Mother of all the Worlds, as the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari. She is the ma-trix of existence and the field in which we act. Whenever there is space, there is healing and rejuvenation, there is growth and joy. When there’s no space in our minds and lives because our attention goes elsewhere, the powers of self-healing cannot flow and the whispers of our hearts remain unnoticed.

You are warmly invited to join me for the day-long meditation immersion “MA – The Space of Pure Potential” on Sunday, April 14 at Soma Yoga Freiburg, where we open to the Unknown from where all creativity springs forth.


Mit Ayurvedic Potluck.