NO MUD, NO LOTUS – Emotional Transformation


Emotional Self-Inquiry & Transformation

1-on-1 Session with Sundari Ma in English / German

What do you do when you feel stuck, confronted by limitations and challenges? When one chapter of your life has ended, but the next has yet to take shape? This in-between space is potent, powerful, and sometimes terrifying.

You might long for the security and comfort of the past. Yet, deep down, you sense that a new chapter awaits you.

The truth is that every wall can become a springboard, every limitation a firepit for transformation, every edge a possibility for a breakthrough. The doorway is always right where you stand.

Rooted in the core principles of yoga and tantra, you will learn to navigate and transform difficult emotions and psychological patterns. You’ll discover how to release deep, obstructive energies, unlocking their potential to fuel your transformation and growth.

Duration: 60-75 minutes