What would your life look like if you had the energy of the sun? The radiance of the stars? Love as infinite as the oceans? This is the promise of the Vedas…


Eknath Eswaran

I’m here to support you on your path, helping you re-discover your inherent truth and boundless potential to love, heal and recognize the unity of being and the sacredness of all of life. Through the path of grace and timeless teachings, I guide you to unwind, reconcile inner fragmentation, rewrite your story and delve beneath the surface of everyday life. Within your own heart lies the miracle that you are. You will come to realize your own beauty, goodness and integrity and understand that it is through your eyes that eternity gazes back at itself.

Our work together, enriched by my lifelong studies of perennial traditions and the living grace of my lineage, creates a vibrant space for exploring what it means to recognize and live our fullest potential. Working with transformative methodologies allows for a profound expansion of life-force, the full development of our mental, physical and emotional aspects and the birth of a new consciousness.

You will receive the gifts of my intuition and rich experience, drawing from years of teaching, my own transformative journey, and guiding others on the path of awakening. You are seen and honored as a unique being through which the ultimate expresses itself.

Begin this journey with an introductory call where I can get to know you, your desires, dreams, challenges and life circumstances, and share more about this tantric path.

Should you choose to work with me in a committed way over a period of time, you can book individual sessions or embark on a transformative journey of 1, 3, or 6 months.

I look forward to the possibility of walking alongside you on your journey, in awe and reverence, marvelling at this world!

With great love,

Sundari Ma

Who are these Sessions for?


  • For women, leaders, creatives, yoga teachers, healers, therapists, seekers who wish to bring coherence and light into their families, business, work and communities through inner transformation and a consciousness-based approach
  • For those amidst the Kundalini awakening process in need of guidance
  • For everyone who wishes to ignite or deepen his/her spiritual practice and knowledge of the non-dual tantric path
  • For those ready for healing, transformation and for living their own myth
  • For those who wish to be a pillar of light in this time of transition
  • For all those who simply feel an indescribable longing for the Divine in the heart…



An introduction to the path of non-dual Tantra | German & English

What does it mean to live from the heart? To embrace complete and utter authenticity in a society that demands conformity? What does it take to truly be yourself?

You are invited to explore these timeless questions and discover the timeless Way of the Heart, a path that calls us to recognize our inherent wholeness, to awaken to the unity of Being and honor the divine essence that is reflected back to us through this existence. In this uniquely tailored session, you will hear about the main tenets of the non-dual tantric philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and receive personal support and guidance in relation to your spiritual practice and process.

Come as you are and bring the desires that you hold in your heart, the challenges you are faced with on your path, the questions that linger in your mind, and the dreams that stir your soul. Together, we will outline a practice for you that opens the inner pathways and helps you to uncover the boundless love and peace that lie within.

Single Session (1 hour)
Cost: 150 €


Supporting the Awakening Process | German & English

The transformation of human consciousness is an initiation into a new phase of the evolution of our soul. This metamorphosis reshapes our very perception of who we are and what this world is. It is a total realignment that reverberates through every sphere of our lives, altering the way we relate to ourselves, to our nearest and dearest, and to the wider world. The awakening of Kundalini, inevitably brings us face to face with some of life’s most challenging situations, as we labor to give birth to a new consciousness.

Every session is tailored to your unique process, experiences, and challenges. In the sacred and safe space of our conversation, you will receive compassionate support, guidance and knowledge that reconnect you with your own inherent wisdom and trust. In our work together, you’ll be initiated into time-tested spiritual meditation practices to establish your sadhana, navigate this journey and seamlessly integrate higher states of consciousness into your daily life.

Single Session (1,5 hours)
Cost: 200 €

Package (5 x 60-75 mins)
Cost: 800 €


Emotional Self-Inquiry & Transformation | German & English

What do you do when you feel stuck, confronted by limitations and challenges? When one chapter of your life has ended, but the next has yet to take shape? This in-between space is potent, powerful, and sometimes terrifying.

You might long for the security and comfort of the past. Yet, deep down, you sense that a new chapter awaits you.

The truth is that every wall can become a springboard, every limitation a firepit for transformation, every edge a possibility for a breakthrough. The doorway is always right where you stand.

Rooted in the core principles of yoga and tantra, you will learn to navigate and transform difficult emotions and psychological patterns. You’ll discover how to release deep, obstructive energies, unlocking their potential to fuel your transformation and growth.

Single Session (1,5 hours)
Cost: 200 €

Package (5 x 60-75 mins)
Cost: 800 €


Working with the Body, Breath & Life-force | German & English

1-on-1 Session with Sundari Ma

“The true practice of meditation is to sit as if you were drinking water when you are thirsty.”


In these sessions, you will be introduced to the practice of tantric meditation. Meditation can be viewed as a sacred space, where your relationship with the divine power unfolds. By definition, a successful meditation is one in which we enter the state of transcendence—even if just for a moment.

Through each session, you will cultivate a deeper connection with the power of consciousness that the tantric tradition calls Shakti. It is through the awakening of this dormant power that true liberation—knowing ourselves as one with the Absolute—becomes possible. Equipped with an enlivened meditation methodology and dedicated to a daily practice, your perception of who you are begins to shift, liberating you from stress and opening you to the Oneness at the heart of this existence.

You will be guided into meditation during this time together and will receive an audio recording for your practice at home.

Single Session (1,5 hour)
Cost: 200 €

Package (5 x 60-75 mins)
Cost: 800 €

Online Courses

Ignite your inner process within a group energy