The Way of Transformation & Integrating higher States of Consciousness

Flowing Wakefulness Online Sessions

with Sundari Ma


  • Five 60-minute sessions in total. One session every week.
  • Meditation recording, homework and email support between sessions.

Life is what we make of it. Yet life is also a precious gift given to realize our innermost potential as Being-Consciousness-Bliss. Reclaiming of this inner potential is the real quest behind all our undertakings and of all searching even if we are constantly being diverted. Although understanding that the source of lasting happiness lies within is not that hard to fathom, for it to become our lived reality requires transformation of our consciousness. This transformation is initiated by realignment of all our energies (pranas) and is an initiation into a new phase of the evolution of our soul. It transforms the very perception of what we thought ourselves and this world to be. This total realignment touches every sphere of our life and interaction: the way we relate to ourselves, to our nearest and dearest, and to the world. Kundalini awakening inevitably brings us in touch with some of life’s most challenging situations.

These sessions are for beginners or advanced meditators; Yoga teachers; for those interested in the yogic path, healing and Self-exploration; for all students of Consciousness; for those looking for deepening their spiritual practice and understanding; for those undergoing Kundalini awakening. 

Through these one-on-one sessions, we will delve deeply into the nature of this transformative process, from both the conceptual layers to the direct experience of the energies of transformation – as taught by Igor Kufayev. These sessions offer guidance for those who undergo awakening, who find themselves in a place of difficulty, or long to gain deeper clarity about specific issues and experiences along the path. Personal questions can be explored on topics such as spiritual practice, working with emotions, relationships, lifestyle, and many more.

You'll Learn

  • Neurophysiological transformation & signposts
  • Understanding the process: stages of awakening
  • Structuring of meditation practice
  • Integrating spiritual experiences
  • Working with emotions & balancing subtle energies
  • What needs to be avoided during awakening


Single Session (1 hour)
Cost: 125 €

Package (5 x 1 hour)
Cost: 495 €

Scheduling the Sessions

Please get in touch with Sundari Ma to book your package & schedule your session appointments: 

Flowing Wakefulness Sessions

mit Sundari Ma

In Igor Kufayev, she has recognized her ultimate spiritual guide, and serves the work of her Teacher and his community, Flowing Wakefulness. Igor has trained and assigned Sundari Ma for the role of facilitating his work, because of her direct recognition of the subtlety and depth of his Teaching of the Heart, and the understanding she gained from her own process of awakening. In the Flowing Wakefulness live sessions, Sundari Ma will reflect intuitive insights and share her knowledge. She opens the doorway to Igor’s Teachings and provides glimpses into his “Path of the Heart” – and is happy to be of support for Companions on their path.