Essentials of Tantric Sadhana 

Unravelling the Mystery of Body, Breath & Lifeforce

Flowing Wakefulness Online Sessions

with Sundari Ma


  • Five 60-minute sessions in total. One session every week.
  • Meditation recording, homework and email support between sessions.

All spiritual journeys culminate within. No matter how far we’ve traveled in search for wisdom, the truth is found now here but within. It is for that reason Perennial Traditions speak of the necessity to go inward and there are various methodologies of how to ‘turn’. Turning within is spinning up the evolutionary flow in the direction of greater happiness, within and without. This going inward is the highest meditation. Repeated ‘turning’ awakens dormant areas in the brain, where refinement of perception opens up vistas of unifying vision. This Oneness is a crucial perspective during the time of global transformation.

These sessions are for beginners or advanced meditators; Yoga teachers; for those interested in the yogic path, healing and Self-exploration; for all students of Consciousness; for those looking for deepening their spiritual practice and understanding; for those undergoing Kundalini awakening. 

These one-on-one sessions introduce you to foundational aspects of Tantric sadhana as taught by Igor Kufayev, and offer guidance on how to establish or deepen your meditation practice. Through dialogue, self-inquiry and guided meditation, you learn to structure your sadhana, the importance of inner attitude, how to overcome challenges, and to open to the bliss of the inner Self. Personal questions will be addressed. Supported by the grace of my Teacher, these sessions will be a breakthrough in your practice.

You'll Learn

  • Establishing and deepening your meditation practice
  • Intention & invocation
  • The meaning of sacrifice and letting go
  • Working with emotions
  • Understanding purificatory experiences
  • Integrating higher states of Consciousness
  • Surrendering to Grace
  • Relationship between effort & effortlessness


Single Session (1 hour)
Cost: 125 €

Package (5 x 1 hour)
Cost: 495 €

Scheduling the Sessions

Please get in touch with Sundari Ma to book your package & schedule your session appointments: 

Flowing Wakefulness Sessions

mit Sundari Ma

In Igor Kufayev, she has recognized her ultimate spiritual guide, and serves the work of her Teacher and his community, Flowing Wakefulness. Igor has trained and assigned Sundari Ma for the role of facilitating his work, because of her direct recognition of the subtlety and depth of his Teaching of the Heart, and the understanding she gained from her own process of awakening. In the Flowing Wakefulness live sessions, Sundari Ma will reflect intuitive insights and share her knowledge. She opens the doorway to Igor’s Teachings and provides glimpses into his “Path of the Heart” – and is happy to be of support for Companions on their path.