My heart can take on any form: a meadow for gazelles, a cloister of monks, for the idols, sacred ground, Ka’ba for the circling pilgrim, the tables of the Torah, the scrolls of the Quran. My creed is Love; wherever its caravan turns along the way, that is my belief, my faith.

– Ibn al-Arabī


Living from the Fullness of the Heart…

Welcome to Doorways to Beauty, a space and platform to unleash the joy of being alive, to open to the song of your soul and the purpose of why you are here.

My name is Sundari Ma. As a yogini and teacher in the tradition of Advaita Tantra teacher and artist Igor Vamadeva Kufayev, I support people from all spheres and walks of life to realize and live their own beauty and gifts. Once our heart opens to the truth of who we truly are, our life will never be the same.

Your own heart is the portal and your body the entire universe undercover. You hold the key to the highest understanding, and the capacity to love and breathe transformation into this world. When your consciousness transforms through the power of grace, the world transforms with you; and we live at a time in human history where some of us are called to take a stand, to wake up and shower this world with love. This is what this work is about.

Awakening to our essential nature and the Unity of being is not just for the typical spiritual seeker or the hardcore yogi in the Himalayas. It is the birthright of everyone. It is for the farmer, the industrialist, the householder, the businessman, the politican, the artist, the entrepreneur, the workman and those at the periphery of society. We all share one thing: this human heart, this very breath and the longing to love and be loved.

I’m so delighted that you found this space, and I can’t wait to meet you, friend on the path!

Awakening is the greatest adventure, a birth and the journey of fully opening to the light of who you are. It is to make your heart your temple and your body the destination of all your pilgrimages. It is to follow the whispers of your soul and be of service to this world.

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The tantric path is of great relevance for our time, as it emphasises the all-embracing aspect which reconciles our attitude to life, all of nature and this embodiment. It re-unites what has been fragmented in our consciousness and restores the sacredness of the body and this world, as the playful, free and awe-inspiring expression of the Feminine Powers of God. In this work, we find solutions not through detachment and denial but through the intimate engagement with all of life, which makes Tantra profoundly cutting-edge as an answer to the global crisis we are faced with as humanity.

This path is for everyone who longs to roam this universe and see this world with the eyes of love. 

“…No tradition is ever based upon scriptural references; tradition is only alive in the Heart of you and me as we go through this process now. It is not in some lost scriptures of Tantra. It is the Goddess who never rests — She is always alive. Where is the field of action where She sows Her seeds now? It is not in the scholarly references to the ancient past; this only creates confusion and people relying on a validated framework where they can structure their sadhana. One must leave the door open for the possibility… tradition lives through the Hearts of those who are transformed. This is what Tantra is…”

Igor Kufayev


Immerse yourself into your innate Blissful Nature


Eine 4-monatige Fortbildung in der Kunst & Praxis tantrischer Meditation
Beginn: März 2024

In dieser Fortbildung und Sadhana-Reihe bist du auf eine Reise eingeladen, auf der wir die zeitlosen Fragen erforschen, was es heißt, uns der Liebe zu öffnen, die wir sind und unsere wildesten Träume auf die Erde zu bringen. 

“Sundari initiated me into meditation and gave me access to start and explore the infinite flavors of the Goddess. Her radiance and service is in fact a doorway to dive deeper into the longing of my own heart. Thanks to Sundari Ma I’m gradually approaching the work of her Teacher, Igor Vamadeva Kufayev. It is through her conscious, loving guidance that I learn to further relax into meditation, and to let come to the surface what needs to be seen, held, healed, dissolved.”

– MELANIE KLETT, Yogalehrerin

“Die Kurse von Sundari Ma sind beglückend. Sie vermitteln Igor Kufayevs Lehre voller Klarheit in deutscher Sprache. Und da Sundari Ma die seltene Gabe hat, ihre Worte direkt ins Herz der Zuhörer fallen zu lassen, ist diese Vermittlung unmittelbar transformierend und beseligend.”

– YLLARA MÜSCH, Vedische Astrologin

“Wie ist mir? Ich habe eine sehr schnelle und direkte Veränderung in der Tiefe erfahren. Mein Vertrauen ist gewachsen, und erschütternde Ehrfurcht hat mich erfasst vor unserer Erde, die Leben und Erleben ermöglicht. Ein neuer Blickpunkt hat mir durch die Hingabe diese Wahrheit enthüllt. Hingabe, die ich ja zum Beispiel in meinem Beruf seit Jahrzehnten übe, ist im spirituellen Sinn für mich konkreter und verbindlicher geworden.” 

– BORIS K., Schauspieler

Seek Beauty and you will find God…

-Igor Kufayev