The Cradle of Love

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The Cradle of Love

How do we remove ourselves from the picture?
When all we know is
what we think we know?
Afraid of silence
Afraid of surrender
Afraid of the other
The other, out there –
the threat
to what?

It has never been your life…
This life has been given to you out of compassion,
and out of compassion, you need to offer it back –
said Rumi.

He still whispers it, can you hear?

This heart needs to break
to grow fully human
to love without contracts
and serve this other –
your own, long lost Beloved.

You came to heal the rupture
by uncovering the place
where you don’t know,
where you are not,
where you let go.

Invite the demons into your heart
and bathe them in light.
Heal what you hate
by acknowledging your secret admiration
of what you are afraid of –
of what is mirrored back to you.

You have forgotten how powerful you are.

Can you hear the calling?
Can you feel this aching world?

Quietly sit here,
at the fountain between your breaths.
Scoop soothing water with your hands,
and cleanse the eye of your heart.
Then, breathe love into these webs of darkness
touch them with your trembling fingers
that carry the song of your soul.

You are the healer
that waits to be born
as formless light
filling this human vessel.

Grace will be your midwife,
and your heart will wrap you in wool.

Dear, awaken to the dawn of bliss
from the core of your being.
Harvest the orchards of abundance
where your senses taste this world.
Share these fruits freely!
Feed the gods and goddesses.
Sit with them at the river of grace
that streams though your veins –
and laugh.

Your body is the key.
The path of the heart
Initiation –
to quench your ancient thirst
to know your Self
as Love.

Return to the cradle of ecstasy
where the seeds of a new culture are nurtured.
Spring is coming –
and they will be planted
into the fertile ashes of this dying world.

Do not be afraid.

– Sundari Ma, Freiburg, March 27, 2022


Image: Damien Taylor


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